Signpost Organisations for male carers and young boys

  • 14 June 2024

Listed below is a diverse range of organisations dedicated to supporting fathers, male caregivers and young boys. From mentoring and empowerment programmes like 100 Black Men of London and Manhood Academy Global (M.A.G), to Future Men’s advocacy for positive masculinity, each organisation addresses unique challenges faced by boys and men.
Father 2 Father offers trauma-informed support, while Dads Unlimited focuses on emotional safety and community engagement. The Fatherhood Institute leads the charge in global research, policy shaping, and training, all aimed at promoting involved fatherhood and fostering a society where every child has a strong and positive relationship with their father.

  • 100 Black Men of London is a charity led by Black men, focusing on mentoring, education, economic empowerment, and health. Since 2001, their purpose has been to empower and uplift African/Afro Caribbean youth by providing positive role models and opportunities to overcome societal challenges and achieve their full potential.
  • Dads Unlimited supports men’s emotional safety through services for domestic abuse victims, family separation, and mental health. They offer mentoring, court support, peer groups, and community activities using an evidence-based, trauma-informed approach, promoting integrity, diversity, and justice.
  • Father 2 Father is a trauma-informed Community Interest Company supporting boys, men, fathers, and families through mentorship, advice, and guidance. They promote responsible fatherhood, addressing social issues, stereotypes, and prejudice to foster positive relationships and personal growth.

  • Future Men is a charity supporting boys and men from childhood to adulthood, promoting positive masculinity through resilience, empathy, and non-violence. They challenge stereotypes, improve mental health, and address societal issues like education and youth violence.
  • Manhood Academy Global (M.A.G) is a charity focused on empowering boys and young men through rites of passage-inspired programmes. They offer life skills, personal development, and leadership training to foster positive masculinity and academic excellence.
  • The Fatherhood Institute is a global leader in fatherhood research, advocacy, and training. They collate research, shape policy, and provide training to promote involved fatherhood, gender equality, and child-focused policies, collaborating with stakeholders to advance their vision of inclusive parenting.