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Would you like to reduce the arguments and disagreements in your family and cope better with stress? Would you like to enhance your relationship with your current partner, or improve communication with your ex or the other people helping to raise your children?

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Our online and in-person courses to develop better family relationship and reduce parental conflict are based on the Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities approach and draw on years of expertise of working with parents.

We have two online courses available, one exploring relationship where you live in the same house as a co-parent (that could be two biological parents or it could include another key adult who helps bring up children like a grandparents or step parent); and a second where co-parents live apart in different homes but still share children.  These courses are free of charge currently so sign up now (they are usually charged at £175 each).

We also offer an in person 13 week course with 3 hour sessions.  This course is free but not available in every part of the country.  Contact us if you want to find out if there is a course near you, or sign up for the online course first and we can help you access the longer course afterwards.

To find out more about what the difference is between the two types of course and what you can expect Have a look at the different options below or take a look here.

Stronger Relationships course for

co-parents living apart

Stronger Relationships course for

co-parents living together

Click below to enrol. You will be chosing the online course relevant to your circumstances, then the day and time for your weekly group discussions.

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Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you are unsure as to which course or what an enrolment code is.