Interdependence Positive reliance on mutual help or interaction between friends, family and wider community
EmpathyThe ability to connect sensitively to another person’s feelings, thoughts and attitudes and behaviour
TemperamentA person’s specific manner, disposition or tendency – how they receive and respond to the world around them ie, their natural way of thinking, behaving, or reacting in situations
CharacteristicsA feature or a quality distinguishing a particular person or thing
DisciplineA latin word taken from disciple “a teacher” to teach (without fear)
ModellingA way in which a child imitates/copies behaviour,actions of another child/adult
ValueBasic core beliefs that guide or motive a person’s attitudes or actions
EthnicityBelonging to a population that has common national and or cultural traditions
Rite of passageAn event or activity that marks the transition (move) from one stage of life to another i.e. early childhood to teenage, teenage to adulthood
SpiritualAn individual practice/habit or activity that brings about a positive sense of wellbeing, feeling of inner peace or positive purpose
ConsequenceThe result or outcome following an action/behaviour which could be positive or negative, natural of deliberate
Self-esteemFeelings related to ones self-worth – How much you appreciate or like yourself
Self-disciplineThe ability to control and motivate yourself to do the right thing
Social competenceA range of skills that enable you to get along well with others