The in person course takes place over 13 weeks and each weekly session is 3 hours.  This means that there is more content in the course. We offer in person parenting courses as well as parenting courses with the reducing parental conflict information and techniques The online parenting course is good if you just want an introduction to parenting strategies, want a taster to see if you might like to do something more intensive, have attended an in person 13 week course before and want a ‘refresher,’ or if you struggle to attend face to face sessions because you are working long hours or are a full time carer.  The online reducing parental conflict courses are complete in themselves but do not offer the additional parenting course element. If in doubt, speak to your referrer if you have one, or drop us a line: contact us and we can call you to discuss the options.

Sign into the website here: Sign in then click on ‘Profile’ to open a page with Zoom meeting details and your self study sessions. If there any  issues, drop us a line, by clicking ‘contact’

There could be several reasons for this, but it is usually because you may not have watched a video or listened to audio completely. Please check this. If you are still having this issue, drop your group facilitator a line or contact us via the website contact link:contact us

Parenting course

It is best to select a course for the age group of the child that you are most interested in getting information about. You will receive a digital manual which gives information for all developmental stages as well as support from your discussion group facilitator, who can answer any specific questions you might have.

Whilst our online course is written in plain English, you may find that you get more from our group programme and it is easier to participate than this one.

Not at the moment, however we are looking at expanding the languages that are available. Drop us a line and let us know if there is one you would like it to be available in.

It is best to select a course for the age group of the child that you are most interested in getting information on.  If you need some more help with this, drop us a line or give us a call and we can discuss it with you.

Reducing Parental Conflict

Ideally, we believe that both co-parents should attend the course: this course is about communication and working together for the benefit of the children. We are happy to send your co-parent information by email or text in the hope that this will encourage them to attend

If you co-parent with another member of your family or a friend or, if you would like your child’s other parent to play more of a parenting role, then this course can provide you with the the techniques for clearer and more constructive communication

Anyone involved as a main carer in a child’s life can attend this course: It is suitable for step parents in blended families as well as those living in extended families

Yes absolutely. The course has been developed to support families who cannot agree child arrangements. The course is a good place to start instead of going to the family court, or can support you during or after the case

Probably not. But, if it was one a one off incident or you feel (as the victim), that it was in the past/it was minor AND you are not afraid of your co-parent, then we might be able to work with you on the course, but we will need to speak to you both before you start the course: please contact us here: contact us with a number we can call you on to discuss your situation.