Frequently asked questions



The face to face course takes place over 13 weeks and each weekly session is 3 hours.  This means that it is much more detailed and there is more content in the course. The online course is good if you just want an introduction to parenting strategies, want a taster to see if you might like to do something more intensive or if you struggle to attend face to face sessions because you are working long hours or are a full time carer.  If in doubt drop us a line and we can call you to discuss the options.

If you have been referred to this course and your referrer recommends the 13 week option, then it is usually best to try to do this.However sometimes there are not courses available in your local area and so an online course might be a suitable alternative then.  We recommend you discuss this with your referrer.

You do not need a camera to complete the individual online sessions, however

it is much better to join the group discussions with a camera because then the facilitator can communicate with you more effectively.

If you have completed the full 13 week SFSC course recently, you will most likely find the online course does not offer enough detail for you.  If however you completed SFSC a number of years ago or missed lots of the 13 week course when you completed it, you might find that the online course is a useful reminder of key concepts.

Whilst our online course is written in plain English, you may find that you get more from our group programme and it is easier to participate than this one.

Not at the moment, however we are looking at expanding the languages that are available. Drop us a line and let us know if there is one you would like it to be available in.

It is best to select a course for the age group of the child that you are most interested in getting information on.  If you need some more help with this, drop us a line or give us a call and we can discuss it with you.