About the Stronger Relationships programme

A programme designed to strengthen the relationship between you and your co-parent

The Stronger Relationship courses are designed for parents, co-parents, extended family members and blended families, regardless of whether they live together or not. We recognise that disagreements and differences in parenting styles can arise, leading to tension and conflict.

Our aim is to help parents/carers improve their communication skills and create a positive environment for both adults and children. The course explores various aspects of everyday interactions, fostering better relationships and improving outcomes for children.

6-week online course

  • Six individualised weekly online sessions that can be completed in your own time
  • Six online group discussions facilitated by one of our experienced parenting team members once you have finished each session

The Stronger Relationship programme is for all parents. The programme is run in all communities with parents from lots of different backgrounds, including:

  • Mums and dads, grandparents, foster carers, and teen parents
  • Parents from different ethnic minority communities and faith backgrounds
  • Parents in same sex relationships
  • Parents with disabilities
  • Individuals with very different qualifications and jobs

For the following groups, you may find our face to face programme a better fit:

  • Parents who have limited English literacy 
  • Parents with some learning difficulties

The online course is available for two different familial groups: parents who live together and parents who live apart.

The Stronger Relationship six week online programme takes place entirely online and is divided into two parts. The first will see you complete some learning entirely on your own at a time convenient to you. The second part you will join a small parent group via zoom. The group will consist of a group facilitator who is one of our experienced team (and has undergone extensive training to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the programme), and a small group of up to six other parents who are at exactly the same stage of the course as you.
The facilitator will make sure that everyone sticks to a set of pre agreed rules and will support you to contribute as much or as little as you feel comfortable. You can also contact your group leader separately from the group if you want to talk to them about something you cannot share in the group.

The course lasts for six weeks and each week you will complete an online module which should take around one hour (but does not have to be completed all at the same time) and a group discussion session which takes around 50 minutes.

Sign up on the booking page.  Select which group that best suits your familial situation. 

You will need to have access to a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and connect to the internet via broadband or a data connection. For the group discussions you will need access to a mic and camera (which most laptops, tablets and smartphones have built in).

Each week you will also be given activities to do at home and you will have a chance to reflect on these at the group discussion or get further help on how to do this at home. Previous attendees have found that if they do these, they get more out of the programme.

Complete your weekly session soon after it is released if possible and in advance of your discussion group to get the most out of opportunities to practice the strategies.

The Stronger Relationship programme will provide you with a comprehensive program aimed at reducing non-violent parental arguments and improving the well-being of your children. The programme will offer you valuable knowledge, tools, and support to help you navigate co-parenting challenges and develop healthier relationships with your co-parent.

Both you and your co-parent will benefit from the Stronger Relationship programme in several ways. By participating in the programme, you will gain a deeper understanding of the factors influencing your behaviour and the triggers that contribute to arguments. You will learn effective communication techniques and strategies to reduce conflict, improve cooperation, and promote a positive co-parenting relationship. This will create a more harmonious environment for both you and your co-parent, reducing stress and tension. Additionally, the program will provide you with a supportive group environment where you can share your experiences, receive guidance, and connect with other parents facing similar challenges.

Your child/ren will benefit significantly from your participation in the Stronger Relationship programme. The program aims to minimise the negative impact of parental conflict on children’s development and overall well-being. By reducing conflict and improving communication with your co-parent, you create a more stable and nurturing environment for your child/ren. This can lead to improved emotional and psychological outcomes, better academic performance, and healthier relationships with both parents. The programme also emphasises understanding children’s stages of development and providing them with the support and guidance they need at each developmental stage.

The programme will provide:

The Stronger Relationship programme provides a structured curriculum delivered through online sessions that you can complete at your own pace. Each session will cover various topics, including understanding the program’s core components, exploring the factors influencing behaviours , examining traditions and customs that can trigger conflict, reflecting on your parenting experiences, learning positive communication techniques, and developing empathy. 

The sessions will be followed by online group support discussions led by trained facilitators who will provide guidance, non-judgmental support, and practical advice. The programme will also include home activities and resources to reinforce the concepts learned and encourage positive changes in your co-parenting dynamic.

Here’s the best news: the online course is free. If you want to sign up now, you can do so from the booking page on this site.

The classes were excellent. The facilitators ensured that everyone was included. They listened to, respected and valued each person. The sessions were always varied, well-paced and interesting. I would recommend this class for every parent.