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This is the home of the Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Parent Programme. If you are a parent or carer and are looking for access to a parenting programme or support with being a parent, then you are in the right place.

SFSC is designed to support you to raise happy and successful children by getting access to information and strategies for bringing up your children, meeting other parents, and making sure your voice is heard.

We have a range of programmes you can join, from online individual learning, through to group face to face sessions.  This website will help you find the course that is right for you as well as explore written, audio and video resources to help you with being a parent.

The Programme

SFSC is for all parents and carers; whether you have a newborn baby, a school age child or a teenager.

You can complete an introduction online or the full course by attending a group programme.

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What does SFSC achieve?

SFSC has been shown to improve the confidence of parents and the relationships parents have with their children and with other family members

Lots of studies show that SFSC can help with things like:

  • parental mental health and wellbeing
  • child wellbeing
  • parental sleep

Frequently asked questions

Have a question about one of our courses? Can’t find the information on the site that will help you decide if SFSC can help you?
See the answers to questions that other parents have asked us?

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What do we offer

Parenting Certificate

Certificates for completion of all courses

Experienced support team

Trained and supervised facilitators


Signposting to other organisations and expertise

Meet our facilitators



They each come with their own expertise including backgrounds in working with young people, family law, relationship breakdown, health and wellbeing, and adult learning.

They are friendly and helpful and will research and source information, support and advice for the families they work with.

All our facilitators have been through extensive training, are experienced in groupwork and receive supervision.

Jade Briant
Jade Briant
Programme Officer
Taquira Wilson
Taquira Wilson
Programme Officer
Eleni Bloy
Eleni Bloy
Programme Officer
Chalice Richardson
Chalice Richardson
Programme Officer
Joy Ohen
Programme Officer
Simone Brown
Simone Brown
SFSC Fcilitator

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